The best ways to go Pai, Thailand

6/26/20232 min read

  • Tour Company You land at Chiang Mai airport. Walk around and check at the counter for a tour company at the airport. The price for the transport is about 1000 baht,

Pros: Much more convenient, good for who is the holidaymaker.

Cons: Not strongly recommended who is in the budget

:You can find them at the Chiangmai Airport

2. 12 Go Website :Go to the 12 Go website to book the trip. Book the day and time you want to go. Pay online, get confirmation ticket online -> Go to pick up area. You will be taken there by minibus or van. The price is about 350-500 Baht. Organised by Prempracha Van Company

Pros: Easy, cheap and convenient

Cons: -

  1. Chiangmai Bus terminal: Go to Chiang Mai Bus Terminal by motorbike, using the Bolt application will get you a cheaper price. -> Offline booking, go to the counter to check the price. And get ready in one hour

Pros: Cheap

Cons: Price independent

  1. A private car :costs a lot of money but is advantageous if you have someone to share with with an average price of at least 1,500 baht per person.+

Pros : Low-key and Chill af

Cons : So expensive, pay for round trip if not shared with other people

  1. Renting your own bike :Renting a motorbike -> Not a bad idea for those who love adventure biking. But be careful of the road. It was a long drive and have a lot of curves. Steep hill - high risk. using more than 200 CC motorcycles will make your life easier.

Pros: Much more fun, and feel the nature

Cons: Pay a lot for the whole weeks of Vacation and a little dangerous for who not expert in the route

Renting your own bike

A private car

Chiangmai Bus terminal


Tour Company

Today I will share you 5 tips ,how to go Pai at the northern part of Thailand the cheapest and comfortable ways !