What to do at Pai, Thailand.

Pai, Thailand. Mae-hong-soung . All trips could be done in one day!


6/28/20233 min read

Pai is the place where you must visit in the northern part of Thailand. The small village in the valley of the vast mountain is filled with abundant nature and friendly people.

To start my Journey, I took a minibus at the Chiang Mai bus terminal at about 3:00 p.m. (The bus's name is Chiang Mai -Mae Hong son). It departs every two hours in a day, you can check the departure time via an online website, and you could book the ticket at the same time. It takes about 3 hours to get there, but it feels like 5 hours, ha-ha. The road is so terrible and has a lot of turns. I got to Pai at 6:30 p.m. and here is what I recommend you to do!

  1. - After arriving in Pai, I found a motorcycle rental shop there. The cost is around 100-300 baht, so you can drive around the city to various places in the village. Roads and traffic seats are not very dangerous. People drive safely and carefully, which is better than renting a bus, both cheaper and faster.

  1. Drive around or visit temples in nearby villages or neighborhoods. For morning and evening journeys, some are in the mountains. As well as sunrise and sunset, blessings.

- Another location well worth visiting is a hot spring. About 5 kilometers away from the village. The place where you can relax with the hot nature steam for as long as you want. The road is not too terrible to drive by motorcycle, and the mountain view is lovely. The fee for entrance is about 300 Baht. * Don’t forget to bring your own towel and cloth to change.

: Most of the long-neck people came from Burma. The place is located About 3 kilometers away from Pai city. Each participant must pay 100 baht to enter.

If you are a Muay Thai lover, You can find many gyms and places where they will teach you muay thai at Pai. You can check more info by walk-in or online website.

- the most underrated bar in Pai, if you love the music and night vibes. I strongly recommend this bar. It’s open from 9 p.m. to midnight. Having a good mood and also nice people around. When you tired or before going to bed. Don’t forget to visit this bar.

5.Muay Thai

6. Spirit bar

  1. Long-Neck Village

  1. The Pai Hot Spring

2.Visiting temple

1.Renting a Motorcycle